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At Latsha Davis & Marshall, P.C., we work with our nonprofit clients on a broad spectrum of legal matters affecting their formation and daily operations. We assist nonprofit corporations seeking exemptions from federal income tax and state sales and use tax and provide guidance in structuring (and restructuring) their operations to comply with those exemption requirements. We have developed compliance guidelines to assist our nonprofit clients in preserving their tax exemptions.

Our clients have ranged from large charitable organizations with international interests to small local groups with interests in their communities. We tailor the counsel we provide to meet our clients’ unique needs. When nonprofit leaders retain us, we begin with a frank discussion of goals, strategies and likely outcomes. Together, we develop a plan for resolving matters quickly and effectively.

Real Estate and Sales Tax Exemption for Charitable Organizations

We have extensive experience in representing nonprofit, charitable providers in challenges to the assessment of real estate taxes. We understand the complexities of real estate tax exemption in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the application of the judicial HUP test and the statutory Act 55 test to those issues. We have negotiated settlements and litigated cases throughout the Commonwealth. Attorneys at our firm bring to the table practical knowledge focused on the political aspects of a tax appeal and the ability to aggressively litigate where an amicable resolution is impossible. We also have assisted providers in obtaining reductions in assessments where tax exemption no longer seems possible under the circumstances.

We also assist organizations seeking exemption from state sales tax, and have litigated cases before the PA Department of Revenue in support. Our attorneys understand the interrelationship between sales tax exemption and real estate tax exemption, and they have guided numerous providers through the sales tax exemption process.

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